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Abba Kyari Is Safe In custody, No Danger To His Life – Correctional Service

Abba Kyari Is Safe In custody, No Danger To His Life – Correctional Service 

According to the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS), the former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, is secure in jail because there is no danger to his life.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Mr Francis Enobore, the Service Public Relations Officer (SPRO), stated this in an Abuja statement on Thursday.

Following a release by an online media organisation saying Kyari was attacked by his fellow convicts, Enobore stated that it was imperative to address the problem.

According to him, the false news peddler also indicated that the Service’s officials were considering transferring Kyari to DSS custody.

“The narrative is untrue, irresponsible, and malicious,” he stated.

“It is the handiwork of some jobless cheap recognition-seeking charlatans masquerading as newsmen, lacking in intellectual capacity to interrogate what they conjure or hear before feeding the public.

“That the author is completely oblivious of where and how detention of a suspect originates speaks volume of his ineptitude and the much his story can be relied upon.

“For the record, Abba Kyari is one of the over 800 inmates in the location where he is being kept.

“However, notable individuals including Ex-Governors, Ministers, Senators and other celebrities of higher social status have passed through the same facility without any threat to their lives,” he said.

Enobore stated that the NCoS authorities did not and would not request the transfer of Abba Kyari or any other detainee to any other detention facility beyond its authority.

He stressed that Kyari is safe and sound, and that he goes about his daily routine unscathed, just like any other convict.

“Those playing pranks with his detention are warned to desist from such unpatriotic acts as they may be asked, through formal litigation, to justify their statement.

“The Controller-General, NCoS, Haliru Nababa, is determined to continue to upscale inmates’ welfare, safe and humane custody with fervour.

“Therefore, he will not be distracted by inane publications,“ Enobore said.

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