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7 women Kidnapped In Niger, Where Bandits Kill 30 People In 3 Villages

7 women Kidnapped In Niger, Where Bandits Kill 30 People In 3 Villages 

Ten people were set ablaze in their apartments, according to a member of one of the villages, and four people were killed in Sabon Kachiwe hamlet alone.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Bandits have raided three communities in Niger State’s Munya Local Government Area, murdering at least 30 people.

According to the Daily Trust, the robbers also abducted seven ladies in Sabon Kachiwe.

According to Ahmed Ibrahim Matane, the Secretary to the State Government, 13 people were murdered in Kachiwe, 9 in Shape, and 6 in another hamlet in Munya Local Government’s Sarkin Pawa Ward.

Ten people were set fire in their apartments, while four people were killed in Sabon Kachiwe village alone, according to a member of one of the villages.

“Ten persons were burnt to ashes in their rooms; some people were shot while some were slaughtered. They also went away with 7 of our women. We could not contact the security forces as at the time the attacks were going on because of the seizure of mobile telecommunication network in area,” the source said.

After killing 14 individuals in Sabon Kachiwe, the bandits damaged the area’s communications towers, according to the source.

“After attacking Sabon Kachiwe where 14 persons were killed, they proceeded to Shape village, very close to Sabon Kachiwe and killed 9 persons. They also went to Gogofe, another village very close by and killed 7 People. The villagers could not communicate via telephone because of the seizure of the network in the area,” he said.

Another local, who requested anonymity, expressed concern about the kidnapped women’s whereabouts, stating, “the bandits too would not be able to contact us because there’s no network.”

When they left the villages, at the main road, they met a broken car, being repaired by a mechanic. The owner of the car and mechanic were tied and slaughtered. Their remains were also recovered,” he said.

On Thursday, he added, the deceased’s bones were given a mass burial.

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