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Yvonne Nelson Cuts Ties With Mother After Paternity Scandal
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Yvonne Nelson Cuts Ties With Mother After Paternity Scandal 

The actress said her mother concealed her father’s identity, keeping her in the dark.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has spoken up about the reasons behind her estrangement from her real mother.

Her recently published book, I Am Not Yvonne Nelson, revealed the truth, in which she discussed her challenges and tribulations.

Nelson’s confusion about her birth father’s identity is one of the book’s key shocks.

She said her mother had purposefully kept his identity hidden, keeping her in the dark. This caused the actor to doubt her ancestry and feel estranged from her genuine origins.

Oko Nelson, her putative father, is not her real father, according to the 37-year-old actress.

This caused her to rethink her whole family history, revealing that she had been carrying the incorrect last name.

Sel The Bomb, an internet user who dug into the book’s contents, revealed that the actress had never seen her father and is presently separated from her mother due to this problem.

It was then found that her mother had deceived her about his paternity, inadvertently causing her to depict him negatively in interviews and public statements.

Unfortunately, Yvonne Nelson’s mother finally revealed the truth about her biological father after he was already sick, and by the time she sought to apologize, he had died in 2017.

“The most shocking revelation in Yvonne Nelson’s book is not even about Sarkodie. Her ordeal about her supposed father is the craziest revelation. Apparently the man, Mr. Oko Nelson, now late, is not even her real dad. She says her mother lied to her. So unknown to her, she kept portraying this innocent man in her comments and interviews as an irresponsible father. It was until the man was sick that her mum told her Mr Nelson is not her dad. Before she could reach the hospital to apologise, he had already died. The man died in 2017 without ever speaking about Yvonne Nelson publicly. He took the humiliation to his grave. However, Yvonne has apologised to his ghost in the new book. So as it stands now, Yvonne Nelson doesn’t know her real father, hence, the Nelson surname is not even supposed to be her name. This becomes the plot twist of the book “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson”, he wrote.

Yvonne Nelson is now depressed since she is still unsure of her father’s identity, and her poor connection with her mother remains unresolved.

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