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Promise Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, known by his stage names MohBad and Imole, hailed from Lagos state. His untimely departure left a void, as his immense talent was, unfortunately never fully harnessed.

Coming from a decent family where his father served as a pastor, MohBad’s choices, captured in his interviews and music, showcased his deliberate effort to stay true to his roots. He was intentional in bearing positive light, even when his musical career led him on a slightly different path.

He was initially signed to Naira Marley’s Marlian Records, but later left in 2022 to establish his imprint, “Imolerization”. It was in 2020 when he inked a deal with the Record Label, getting into the spotlight with his viral single, “Ponmo,” featuring Naira Marley and Lil Kesh. He immediately followed it up with his debut album, Light, featuring hit tracks like “Ponmo,” “Marlian Anthem,” “Sorry,” and 5 other.

However, his exit from Marlian Records in 2022 stirred up controversies, leading to strained relations with his former boss. Yet, MohBad’s resilience with his art remained unextinguished. Despite facing barriers in accessing promotions and significant collaborations, he continued making beautiful music, releasing singles and his poignant EP, Blessed.

One of his most successful projects has been the wildly popular “KPK (Ko Por Ke),” a collaboration with Rexxie, which earned three nominations at The Headies Awards in 2022. It was MohBad’s distinctive baritone voice and his unique fusion of street-hop music with captivating melodies and relatable lyrics that endeared him to his fans.

Delving deep into the essence of his music, it’s obviously discernible how his music was not only rich in vocals and melodies, but also in captivating lyrics which are most times themed around personal experiences and life’s struggles. 

However pathetic it is, his songs topping chats after his untimely demise, is not merely a show of empathy, but an attestation to the beauty of his craft. 

Blessed which was his second and last EP released in June, never got the relevance it deserved, due to poor promotions. Nevertheless, with his passing, listening to Blessed, one encounters MohBad, everything he went throughout the last phase of his life, and his soulful reflections.

The album is a surmise of his appreciation for growth and experience as an artist, underscored by his unwavering faith in God. In tracks like “Sabi,” “Blessing,” and “Beast and Peace,” he fervently expresses his reliance on divine grace and mercy.

In “Sabi,” MohBad reflects on Psalm 30; “I exalt you, Lord… for you have lifted me out” also praying that he (God) “don’t let my foes rejoice over me”.

More so in “Blessing”, he affirms the place of God in his life;

I’m covered by your blessings (covered by your blessings)

I’m living by your grace (living by your grace)

I’m guided by your mercy (guided by your mercy)

And, nothing fit shake me (nothing fit shake me)

I’m covered by your blessings (covered by your blessings)

I’m living by your grace (living by your grace)

I’m guided by your mercy (guided by your mercy)

No, nothing fit shake me

If dem no want you on top (top)

They go go to church (church)

Make you pray to God (God)

You go see the sign (sign)

You go see the light (light)

And, e go shine bright, uh

Ogini, maka why?

In a heartfelt Instagram post made on the 12th of September 2023, his passing was announced to the world. The relics of his craft, the beautiful music he created, are all that remain. It becomes sad how sometimes, a tragic event, like in the case of MohBad’s death, people begin to appreciate one and all that they lived for. It all starts to feel like his songs now make more sense, especially as people not only resonate with these songs but the struggles the artist went through before his passing.

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