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<strong>Your Guide To Nailing Your Personal Style In 2024</strong>

Your Guide To Nailing Your Personal Style In 2024 


Styling Tips for 2024

Your personal style is a symbol of your identity and what is significant to you. It mirrors your moods, tastes, feelings, and confidence. In other words, it is a form of self-expression that informs people of who you are.

So, if you are struggling to find a sense of style that represents you. Trust us, to give you an excellent guide in helping you discover your own unique style.

Most people think their personal style has to stem from someone else’s choice, which is not such a bad idea, especially when you are looking for fashion inspiration. There are things to take into consideration in discovering a style that describes“You”.

Well, fam, this is my speciality and I am looking forward to ensuring that you develop a unique style. Finding your own style can mean evolving with it over time. There are times when moods, seasons,  and trends influence our sense of style which can sometimes be tedious. Not to worry, fam. We’ve got practical tips to help you find and flaunt that style. 

Style is timeless and someone stylish may or may not follow fashion trends. Most importantly, it is about developing a sense of self rather than simply absorbing trends.

Do you want to own that impeccable fashion sense and take it to another level? Scroll down to learn how to discover your style.

Here are 8 tips I’ve put together for nailing your personal style:

  1. Know Your Body Type: This cannot be emphasised enough as it is the key to dressing well. Everybody (men & women) has different body shapes and sizes which determine the kind of clothes to go for. It is the starting point to knowing the kind of clothes that would look naturally good on you.
  1. What Makes You Feel Good?: Fashion is all comfort; what makes you feel good and comfortable. Do you always go for casuals or like to look grunge, classy, or prim and proper? Understanding this would put you more at ease when finding your style. Let’s look at the characters in “Wednesday” as examples. We all can identify the clothes Wednesday Addams wore in the movie. Most of her outfits gave gothic and spooky vibes while, on the other, her roommate, Enid Sinclair, showcases a much more cute and energetic vibe through her sense of style. Both characters felt good in their sense of style, hence feeling comfortable in their choice of clothing.
  1. Let Your Style Icons Guide Your Fashion Inspiration: When it comes to the fashion industry, are there celebrities whose dress sense you admire? If the response is positive, it is a good idea. You can gain outfit inspiration from your style icons by scrolling through their Instagram and thinking of replicating the ones that are similar to the clothes in your wardrobe. Again, your personal style depicts who you are and what you like. However, don’t go overboard trying to get their exact outfit or trying to look like them. You are not them. You are you! Also, focus more on the outfit.
  1. What’s Your Favourite Colour Palette: Colours play a very crucial role in our outfits. Are you all about vibrant colours or minimal ones? Knowing which colour you like will make it easier to buy clothes. You may decide to go classic in black and white colours, elegant in navy blue or emerald green, and vibrant in pink, burnt orange or electric blue.
  1. Create a Capsule Wardrobe: Now, this is my favourite part when it comes to styling. Creating a capsule wardrobe helps you choose clothing that is fit for different occasions. Try to build what you call “corporate outfits“ which should specifically include your work clothes. The same goes for church, parties, and casuals. This will help you to be intentional with pieces that suit your style and lifestyle.
  1. Accessories Are Your Best Friends: Fashion accessories are your best friends. They transform an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary-looking outfit. It’s time you invest in accessories, even if it’s not your thing. Trust me, accessories are like investments to men and women simply because it makes your outfits look more pronounced. Start by having a collection of accessories that you can pair with your outfit. You can choose to accessorise differently even if you have worn an outfit twice. No style looks exactly the same when worn with accessories. Your accessories speak for you.
  1. Invest In Quality Clothing: Dear fam, investing in quality clothing is not spending beyond your budget. Rather, it saves you time and money. If you invest in buying quality outfits, they tend to last long and serve for a longer time. Do not go for the cheap things, as they may not exactly last long. Instead, save up for it. Choosing quality over quantity when it comes to clothing has its benefits. And they never go out of style as quickly as cheaper pieces. So, focus on the best. No clothing is a waste of money after all.
  1. Stay True To Your Style: When you’ve discovered your kind of clothing, your colour palette, and know how to accessorise, you need to learn to stay true to your style. Staying true to your style helps you feel more confident and authentic. Here’s why? Your style is a part of what makes you authentic. It’s in how you present yourself to others and the choices you make for yourself. People get attracted to your overall appearance simply because of it, and incorporating confidence is just a winning ticket. When you’re confident in your appearance, it reflects on your carriage and composure as a person. So, stay true to your style and express who you are through your clothing choices. Feel comfortable in your skin and it will reflect.

Remember, that practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this guide and learn to try new things as you develop your personal style.

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