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Seven Annoying Things Enugu Keke Riders Do
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Seven Annoying Things Enugu Keke Riders Do 

Lying about having change: Oga does your destiny depend on that change? If you want tips, just beg nicely.

Chyking: Please stop asking women their names and where they’re from. Some even go as far as asking for number, please let’s keep it professional.

Looking for gist : “Oga I didn’t hear about any woman that swallowed cutlass in Otigba. Thanks”(sighs)

Hype men: Dear sir, I’m not a big girl, neither am I Aje butter. No be me be Baba & I no be boss lady. Let’s be properly guided.

Fast and Furious Geng : Hunkle racer! Biko don’t use my life to play Need For Speed. We’re nothing but pencils in the hand of the Creator.

Popular Jingos : Area Papa! please I’m going to somewhere important. This is not the time to start greeting all your yard people.

Dirty Nose Maskers : Oga do you know that that mask already has the virus we’re trying to prevent? That’s why the elastic has lost its elasticity. Just have mercy and soak that thing in a bucket of hot soapy bleached water, help yourself and help the society.


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