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Saheed Osupa Thanks Burna Boy For Praising His Music
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Saheed Osupa Thanks Burna Boy For Praising His Music 

King Saheed Osupa, a legend of Fuji music, thanked Burna Boy for acknowledging his ability.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The South Western region of Nigeria is home to the Fuji music subculture, which has existed for many years and gained popularity outside of Nigeria.

One of the most well-known Fuji musicians in history, King Saheed Osupa music has influenced several generations.

Burna Boy, a Grammy winner, recently praised Saheed Osupa during an Instagram live by one of his friends on the social media platform. Burna Boy sang lyrics from the venerable American Hip Hop group Wu-Tang Clan in the video. Following that, he advised folks who were unfamiliar with the Wu-Tang Clan to listen to Saheed Osupa, whom he referred to as the Yoruba Wu-Tang.

Saheed Osupa praised Burna Boy and acknowledged the new moniker Burna given him in a statement of gratitude on his Instagram page.

“As a legendary musician that is lyrically fabulous… Awon Temi koni’gbo, won fi mi buga gan, won ni my musical dexterity is too much, Mi o ke’re ninu aye, Mo ni sia gan 🕺🕺🕺. “Extracted from the album titled POWER OF MUSIC”.

People that listen and understand the depth of my music are of high IQ and are very intelligent, I don’t make music for fun alone, I do Fuji music to teach morals and touch people’s life in different ways…

Thanks to all my great fans all of over the world. I can’t love u less and to @burnaboygram thank you 🤜🤛for the compliment and the jibe☺️, you guys should keep pushing afrobeats to the world. I love you, guys 😘

Lest I forget, My new names as quoted by @burnaboygram

Osupa- Yoruba Wutang. Wutang Ibile. OG before IG”

In addition, Osupa urged Burna Boy to keep spreading Afrobeats throughout the globe as a tribute to his achievements.

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