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Nedu Says That A Lot Of Female Realtors Promote Property Seductively
Nedu Wazobia
Lifestyle & Pop

Nedu Says That A Lot Of Female Realtors Promote Property Seductively 

Nedu’s podcast has a habit of making women the focus of its conversations.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

During the latest episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, which he co-hosts, Nedu revealed his unhappiness with the way certain female realtors sell their houses.

Instead of employing persuasive strategies, some female realtors use attractive ways, according to Nedu. He further claimed that as a result of this enticing marketing, some males would send private messages to female realtors for interior design objectives.

Nedu said, “All the realtors, God bless you. I see plenty of you selling houses on social media. E be like say na Tunde Ednut post one. Na so the girl first start, ‘Hi, my name is Shalewa. Siting here is a six-bedroom mansion on 482,000 square meters.

For you to know, see the main thing wey dem dey sell, watch: ‘Sitting here is a 482,000 square meters. It has seven bedrooms, two cinemas, five kitchens. Now, let’s go in let me show you the building.’ Na time you go come see proper wetin dem dey sell [stands up and demonstrate]. They go come turn, ‘let’s go in’ [catwalks].My brother, them no born your father well, you go enter her DM ‘Can I get a plot’.”

As Nedu discusses female realtors’ advertising strategies, it’s worth noting that he has recently attracted media criticism for his podcast’s recent concentration on berating women. While Nedu’s worries are understandable, it is critical to tackle such issues with tact and impartiality.


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