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Color City – Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of Modern Art For Two Days

Color City – Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of Modern Art For Two Days 

The event’s 2nd edition will take place in Polo Park Mall in Enugu, with local artists and musicians

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Pop art, alternative music, graffiti, and the digitalized world of NFTs are all examples of the future of art spreading out into exciting new media. Color City Experience is hosting a one-of-a-kind immersive contemporary exhibition by local Nigerian artists to encourage fresh current talents and explore the future of art. The festival, which this year is all about anarchy, will take place at Polo Park Mall in Enugu’s capital on December 18th and 19th.

The art world has grown overheated and hyper globalized as a result of so many options paired with new technology. Color City is a free area where local artists may display their work and express themselves via various forms of art. Furthermore, the event will address the future of art, as well as new opportunities and problems.

“The digital art space and the NFT space are a great equalizer, creating a new wave of creatives and people that consume the new digital art. Color City is all about helping underground artists to get the support they need and also express themselves creatively”, explained Gabriel Toochi, Color City event organizer.

Digital Art and NFTs

With the growth and explosion of NFTs, as well as the growing relevance of cryptocurrencies in the art market, the event will also provide an opportunity to discuss the new means of creating digital art and generating money with cryptocurrency. 

The Dohrnii Foundation, a sponsor of the event that focuses on crypto education and empowerment, will host a Live Session with an NFT specialist to explain the new reality.

“Blockchain has enabled a new form of ownership that we’ve never seen before. Digital and crypto art are no longer a distant future, as art is already migrating to virtual reality, which creates new possibilities for artists. Dohrnii’s goal is to democratize the access to crypto knowledge, including artwork so that artists can transition into this new reality”, explained Thomas Bardawil, chief operating officer of

How to join

If you’re in Enugu, you’ll be able to attend the event in person on December 18th and 19th December, starting at 10 am, at the Polo Park Mall. You can also watch the live AMA session live on Dohrnii’s Telegram Channel on Saturday, as well as the event’s Livestream on Sunday on Dohrnii Foundation’s YouTube channel.

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