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‘Edo Culture Inspired The Art Direction For My O2 Arena Concert’ – Rema

‘Edo Culture Inspired The Art Direction For My O2 Arena Concert’ – Rema 

Rema had an incredible 2023 thanks to the success of his hit song “Calm Down,” which he celebrated with a historic sold-out performance at the renowned O2 Arena.

Some concertgoers have since expressed their disapproval of Rema’s historic performance because they felt that his wardrobe and stage accessories had sinister overtones.

Wearing a red mask and a flowing black robe, the Nigerian celebrity rode into the concert on a horse. Rema also made a second spectacular entrance, this time wearing red and black clothing and riding a massive bat with red eyes to the stage.

His theatrical designs and wardrobe selections rekindled discussions about Satanism in his creative interpretations. Rema has previously denied these accusations while affirming his Christian faith.

The 23-year-old, who is the youngest African to sell out an O2 concert, shared the meaning of the horse and mask he used for his performance on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

Rema claims that the inspiration behind his decision came from Edo culture, whose magnificent arts were taken by the British invaders in 1897 and are now kept locked away in the London Museum, far from Bini Kingdom, where they belong.

The mask is modeled after the famous Edo monarch Queen Idia, while the horse he rode in on is a symbol of Edo art.

Since Rema has always used esoteric elements in his imagery, some fans who are familiar with his avant-garde style may not associate it with the dark arts. Still, a number of other fans and observers find it unsettling.

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