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“Man Proposes God Disposes! It Was Never The Plan To Take A Break” – Sean Tizzle
Sean Tizzle
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“Man Proposes God Disposes! It Was Never The Plan To Take A Break” – Sean Tizzle 

Sean Tizzle, an Afrobeats singer, has spoken out about his extended hiatus from the mainstream.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

With his captivating voice and mellow melodies, Sean Tizzle enchanted audiences and won the Headies Next Rated Award for multiple popular tracks.

As the frequency of his releases decreased, the music star would vanish from the public eye, leaving only the nostalgia of his immortal classics.

According to reports, Sean Tizzle moved to the US, where he now lives, and plans to release his next album to reach out to his followers again.

Sean Tizzle spoke out about his hiatus from the music industry on his Twitter account on May 14, 2023, saying that it had never been his goal to fall behind his contemporaries. He continued by saying that, while he was gone, he had seen and heard several things that might have broken him, but he had chosen to remain strong.

“Man proposes God disposes! It was never the plan to take a break, it was never intentional not to be at the top with my peers by now, I see comments that could break me but I ignore, I take the encouraging comments and run away with it. When life knocks you down, I promise all you have to do is humble yourself and stay Focused…OLUWA go surface!”

He said that while he seeks to return to the mainstream, his next song will depict his life and journey.

Sean Tizzle would want to go back in time to when he first launched his popular songs, including “Sho Lee,” “Loke Loke” with 9ice, “Gentleman,” and his highly regarded first album, “The Journey.”

On Friday, May 19, 2023, he will release his next song, “Albarakah,” allowing fans to hear brand-new music from the artist who, at his height, sparked the music industry’s enthusiasm.

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