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‘I Prefer Cristiano Ronaldo To Messi’ – Davido

‘I Prefer Cristiano Ronaldo To Messi’ – Davido 

In the G.O.A.T debate, Nigerian afrobeats musician David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, said that Cristiano Ronaldo’s “discipline” makes him prefer him to Lionel Messi.

This was announced by the 30-year-old artist on the sidelines of the Professional Footballers Association awards ceremony.

Recall The 50th anniversary of the awards event featured a medley of Davido’s songs that captivated the crowd.

When asked by GOAL what he thought of the Ronaldo versus Messi argument for the title of best footballer of all time, the singer responded, “Cristiano, for me, he is very, very disciplined.

“You know, and to have that kind of success and to be so disciplined at the same time is something I’ve always admired about him.

“I like both of them. But, I personally, I’m a Ronaldo guy.”

Despite the popularity it received among football fans, Ronaldo recently declared that the rivalry with Messi was over.

He said, “I don’t see things like that; the rivalry is over. It was a healthy rivalry, and the spectators liked it a lot.

He said, “Whoever likes Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have to hate Messi and vice versa, because they are both very good. We’ve done well; we have changed the history of football, and we’ll keep on doing it. We are respected all over the world; that’s the most important thing.

“He makes his way; I make mine, even if we’re playing outside Europe. From what I’ve seen, he has done well, and so have I. It’s about continuing; the legacy continues.

“I’ve said there’s no rivalry. We’ve shared the stage for 15 years, and we ended up being—I wouldn’t say friends—because I never dined with him. We are professional colleagues, and we respect each other.”

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