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Bovi Condemns Secondary Schools That Permit Punishment From Students 

Prominent stand-up comedian Bovi Ugboma thinks it’s absurd that seniors in secondary schools could discipline their juniors.

Bovi claimed that he never understood why schools promoted the seniority complex when he was a secondary school student.

The comedian recently stressed that the Nigerian educational system is defective because the typical secondary school student lacks discipline during his speech at the Excellence in Leadership conference.

Addressing the crowd, he said, “Empowering students to discipline students is insane; we are crazy in this country, and you have no idea; there is nothing normal about it. I can’t imagine that my own child, that I gave birth to, would go to school, and then I would be told that another student punished him either by flogging him or asking him to kneel down. The oldest child is an average of 16 years old; what do they know about discipline? There‘s nothing right about it.”

Bovi continued by emphasizing that it is improper for teachers to grant students the power to correct or penalize other students on their behalf, noting that doing so encourages bullying among secondary school pupils.

It is not the role of the teachers to stand by and allow the senior students to penalize their juniors; rather, the senior students are supposed to mentor the junior ones. The actor continued, “I was mistreated and astounded that someone a year older than me could tell me to kneel down during my secondary school years.

The father of three claimed that accepting this idea breeds power-hungry college students who join cults and eventually become members of society who abuse their position of authority.

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