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Personal branding plays a significant role in promoting and establishing businesses and talents. In the Nigerian music industry, personal branding has evolved beyond unique musical styles, it has also extended to distinctive fashion choices that artists employ to establish their artistic personas.

This trend serves multiple purposes, from sparking curiosity about the artist’s personality and music, to generating discussions among netizens about the artist. It often leads to controversies, positioning artists at the center of attention. Additionally, these distinct styles can endear audiences to artists even before their music is fully appreciated.

Here are some Nigerian Artists with outstanding signatures:


The early stages of Victony’s music career, his association with a wheelchair piqued curiosity about his person/persona. While it elicited empathy from some fans, to a lot others, it was the creative aspect that attracted them to him, even though it wasn’t intended as a promotional strategy.


Ruger adopted an eyepatch reminiscent of pirates, creating an identity closely linked to his music. This eyepatch triggered curiosity, inviting people to explore the artist himself. This curiosity led to increased visibility for his songs and projects, as his followers eagerly tracked his life outside the persona he established, to find out if this was mare branding, or if he’s actually got a scar which he tries to covers from the public.


Asake’s inseparable identification as “Mr. Money With The Vibes” complements his baggy, sturdy and stout fashion style, alongside his unique dreads, vibrant shades, and teeth, making him instantly recognizable no matter the artistic characterization.


Odumodublvck’s knitted white, black and red hat signature has become iconic, with fans emulating this unique branded hat. The hat complements his gangster music style and voice, and you know how that goes to enhance his overall image.


When Wizkid was unveiled by EME Music, his fans quickly associated him with his swaggish style, colored P-Caps, bucket hats, carrot jeans, vintage shades, and vibrant t-shirts, which align perfectly with his “starboy” image and stage name, Wizkid.

Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s gorilla signature, introduced in his “Twice as Tall” album, solidified his self-acclaimed titles as the “African Giant” and “Odogwu.” This persona which he also maintains with his appearances, physiology and fashion, resonates with the masculine, swaggy image he wishes to make of himself.

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