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Big Brother Naija All Stars Week Five Recap

Big Brother Naija All Stars Week Five Recap 

By Emmanuel Chidera Amoke

Week 5 of Big Brother Naija All Stars delivered a mix of entertainment, heartwarming moments, and surprises. The week began with Soma emerging as the Head of House after winning a challenge that involved solving a puzzle while searching through a liquid mess containing numbers.

Soma’s HOH title granted him immunity from eviction for the week, and he selected Angel, Adekunle, Alex, and Seyi to share the luxury of the HOH lounge with him. However, the rest of the housemates remained vulnerable to eviction, as neither the Black Envelope, nor the PMP twist could save any other housemate. 

Biggie orchestrated the “Pursuit of Happiness” workshop, where Hamisha Daryani Ahuja led discussions on happiness, self-care, and gratitude. The workshop not only encouraged self-reflection but also helped mend strained relationships among housemates.

Despite the positive impact of the workshop, tensions arose between Tolanibaj and Ilebaye due to a confrontation over personal space and boundaries. This led to a fallout, with Neonenergy penning a friendship break-up letter to Tolanibaj, who did not accept his proposal to break-up. Similarly, Ceec and Doyin’s friendship faced challenges as they had a falling out towards the end of the week.

The housemates successfully completed their wager task for the week, leading to a well-deserved comedy night that added a touch of humor to the house. This light-hearted event aligned well with the week’s theme.

Adding to the amusement, Biggie pulled a playful prank, showering freeze-mode housemates with whipped cream just after they had showered and changed clothes.

In the midst of the week’s highs and lows, the arena games saw Pere emerging as the victor. The celebration included a pool and grill party, which unexpectedly concluded with a passionate kiss between Ilebaye and Cross, and Kim Oprah, visibly unsettled as a result. Ilebaye goes on to engage in a heart-to-heart conversation with Kim Oprah urging her to pursue her budding connection with Cross.

Soma and Angel’s romantic romance experienced its share of ups and downs, culminating in Angel confessing her feelings for Soma. On the other hand, Adekunle and Anita’s relationship continued to be a dominant force within the house.

To rounding off the week, the eviction process took a different turn. Tolanibaj and Frodd became the first housemates to be evicted after the jury system was dismantled. This change was prompted by viewer concerns about transparency and representation in the system. Going forward, evictions would be determined by a combination of viewer votes and housemate interactions.

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