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Ayra Starr’s Math Teacher Predicted Her Signing With Mavin At The Age Of 14
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Ayra Starr’s Math Teacher Predicted Her Signing With Mavin At The Age Of 14 

Ayra Starr signed a Mavin Records contract, just as the math instructor had predicted.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Ayra Starr, the young Nigerian singer-songwriter who has been sweeping the music business, has claimed that her maths instructor prophesied her destiny in music when she was just 14 years old.

She stated this on the most recent edition of ‘Afrobeats Intelligence’ with Joey Akan, where she stated that the singer’s inquisitive attitude and enthusiasm for music were noticed by the teacher, who was a Muslim.

The teacher, according to Ayra Starr, motivated her to join the choir and learn to sing more. He encouraged her to create and share videos online, and he expressly stated that she will get signed to Mavin, which she is already signed to.

In her words, “I have a teacher that literally inspired me. He said I was going to be signed to Mavin. Its crazy. I was 14 then and he said, ‘Mavin is going to sign you. Start making videos.’ He would just inspire me. He was even Muslim but he would tell me to go to church and join the choir. He was my Maths teacher.”

She also discussed her upbringing. Despite not coming from a religious family, the singer described going to a deeper life school. She discussed various instances in which her curiosity resulted in trouble.

She gave examples of times when she insisted that women should always wear trousers and was scolded for it. Starr also related a time when she painted her nails pink and received criticism from the tackers for it.

The Mavin signee persisted in pursuing her hobbies, penning songs, and giving performances at school functions, despite regularly receiving beatings at her Christian school for asking too many questions.

After covering numerous songs by well-known singers, Ayra Starr posted her first original song on Instagram in December 2019. Don Jazzy, a record executive, took notice of this and signed her to Mavin Records.

Ayra Starr’s eponymous first EP, which was released in early 2021, catapulted her to stardom. The EP included the popular song “Away,” which peaked at number four on Nigeria’s TurnTable Top 50 list for two weeks in a row. The song’s top position on the Billboard Top Trending Global chart was number 17.

She was able to release her first full-length mixtape, named “19 & Dangerous,” in 2021 because of the popularity of her song “Away.” Ayra Starr has swiftly established herself as a rising star in the Nigerian music scene because of her distinctive style and excellent vocal prowess, and her skill shows no signs of slowing down.

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