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5 reasons why Nigerians are not happy
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5 reasons why Nigerians are not happy 

Well, it is not a secret that many Nigerians are not happy with how the country is going, violence here and there, but apart from the popular issues there are still some issues that are whispered among youths in the country, they echo the reasons why they are not happy in Nigeria, which lead us to come up with 5 REASONS NIGERIANS ARE NOT HAPPY.

1. Everybody is angry

Recent government policies like the Twitter ban have crossed it for many Nigerians, not to even talk about the insecurity that has made the Nigerian space very hostile. To top it all, most Nigerians just recently found out that Onion Farmers have an association and they have come to a consensus to stop supplying Onions to the South. Then there is the fuel hike, in the words of some Nigerian Youth e be like say govt dey keep malice against us”.

2. There’s no money on ground 

About 40.1 percent of the population in Nigeria lived in poverty as of 2020, June last year saw the country face its worst recession in 4 decades. The Naira Is falling to the Dollar like melted butter

A Dollar is now  N498, one Pound is N705, this rate fit cause high bp.

3. No work!

“Dem don turn our graduates to common beggar

all the book dem go no matter,

person no go get job if you no know godfather…”

This excerpt from Burna Boy’s 20.10.20 has never hit harder than it does with over 23 million of about 70 million people who should be working in Nigeria are out of work.

4.  Corruption

 “…And Governor go dey chop

And President go dey chop”

Nigeria is ranked 149 out of 180 in Transparency Int’l corruption index 2020, even though Lai Mohammed thinks otherwise and this won’t be the first time citizens are disagreeing with the Minister’s opinion but that is not the Bone of Contention. How did the Giant of Africa get here? 

5. The price of things is showing us “crazy”

 We have seen a bag of Rice go from N8,000 to N22,000, Coaster biscuit went from 5 to 3 in a pack, sachet water went from N10 to N20 per sachet. Really, Which way Nigeria?


BUBU still dey owe unemployed youth 5k.

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