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Obi Cubana Will End Up in Jail Like Hushpuppi- Activist Deji Adeyanju
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Obi Cubana Will End Up in Jail Like Hushpuppi- Activist Deji Adeyanju 

Activist Deji Adeyanju has warned billionaire club owner Obi Cubana to slow down on his open display of opulence to avoid ending up in jail.

Joining those questioning the source of Obi Cubana’s wealth, he said he may end up in jail like Hushpuppi based on how he is spending money. He spoke out against the spraying of money during his mother’s burial last weekend in Oba, Anambra state.

Adeyanju advised Cubana and others showering bundles of cash to be wary of drawing the FBI and EFCC, referring to Hushpuppi, who flaunted his lifestyle on social media before being detained in Dubai.

“Some of us continued questioning what Hushpuppi was doing since he was flinging money up and down, but we were called names and insulted,” the activist stated. He is currently imprisoned in the United States.

“Hushpuppi created a series of films ridiculing me, implying that I am envious of him. That I should concentrate on politicians and activism, and let him enjoy his wealth. How far have you come today? We can’t stand by and watch you guys negatively brainwash young people.”

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