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Nigeria is not Growing as Expected – Donald Duke, Gana

Nigeria is not Growing as Expected – Donald Duke, Gana 

Donald Duke

Former Cross River State governor Mr. Donald Duke and former Information Minister Prof. Jerry Gana have claimed that the reason the nation is not progressing as expected is because education has been placed further down the priority list.

The two also believed that the nation was not making enough of an attempt to hold on to its brightest minds, which could help it become a great country.

They gave speeches during the weekend’s public launch of Prof. Steve Okecha’s most recent book, “The Nigerian University System: Downswings and Way Forward,” in Lagos.

The author is a retired university administrator and emeritus professor of chemistry.

The event’s chairman, Duke, claimed that because education was neglected, the country has not progressed internationally.

“We are the cause, we the political class have been contemptible of education. The elite would rather send their children to school abroad, hence we have neglected our own education.

”Once you send a young child abroad, he is lost as far as culture is concerned. Such a child would not get to know his culture and would also not be assimilated to the culture of his new country.

“Such a situation would mean that child may not fit in here or there. Even when they come back to Nigeria, they don’t fit in.  If I have my way, you can’t leave this country until you are at least 18 years old, or even after your first degree,” he said.

As the keynote speaker, Gana stated that in order for Nigeria to advance in all areas of life, it must invest in high-caliber human resources and support the brightest minds inside its university system.

He pointed out that top talent should be encouraged to stay in the nation’s underfunded university system in order to attain and maintain academic excellence.

Gana praised the author’s sharp mind but pointed out that faculty development is a key component of academic excellence and growth at most prosperous colleges globally.

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