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10 People Shared their Experiences Since the IPOB Sit-At-Home Order
IPOB Declares Another Sit-at-home

10 People Shared their Experiences Since the IPOB Sit-At-Home Order 

Ten People took to their IG account to share with us, something they’ve learned since the IPOB Sit At Home began.

  1. Nkem, 19
    This Government might just be clueless. I just don’t know if they’re purposely being clueless or they’re actually really dumb, because how can’t they see that the Easterners are sitting at home, not because the Federal Government said so, but because one imprisoned man declared a sit at home. Who is really in power abeg?
  2. Kainene, 30
    Eastern Residence are taking orders from a leader in prison. That actually makes me wonder how much mess we’re in, being citizens of this country. And guess what? It’s not even the President’s business. He’s not even saying anything. I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t even know. Omo!
  3. Chisom, 28
    If the IPOB continues with this order, what happens when there is a Biafra? What makes us think life would be better? Why would we trust that our fellow Igbos would rule better? What this Nnamdi Kanu is just using this fight as a platform for his personal reasons?
    I honestly don’t have anything to say, I just have a lot of questions.
  4. Kambili, 20
    The order is actually causing more harm than good. Since it started, please what has changed? Rather it’s taking a toll on our businesses. Mtchew!
  5. Judith, 23
    They should channel their anger towards Nigerian Govt and not innocent citizens who simply want to go about their normal business.
  6. Chisimdi, 27
    The more people are sitting home without any form of solutions from those who imposed the Sit At Home order, the more tired they’ll become and will soon start to disobey it. Like it’s now like a mere holiday to me. Sometimes, I don’t even remember the reason behind it.
  7. Amanda, 20
    Nnamdi Kanu can either be another Buhari or Nelson Mandela, depends on how this whole situation is handled. So I really don’t trust any of it and in all honesty, I don’t believe in this Biafra movement.
  8. Jidenna, 21
    The IPOB are mostly the older generations who have lived through the war and understands what it was like, the younger IPOB supporters only act based on the story that was told.
    So we’re basically just fighting based on stories and I don’t think the fight is necessary. Together we can all make Nigeria a peaceful state.
  9. Chizi, 25
    The IPOB are fighting their own, and they can’t achieve this. When you fight your own, when you deprive them of their movement, they only end up not supporting the system. They’re hurting the people they’re supposed to protect.
  10. Fesochukwu, 30
    Nnamdi Kanu should be released abeg. Let all this madness stop already

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