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TInubu Declares April 7 as National Police Day

TInubu Declares April 7 as National Police Day 

President Tinubu, represented by Vice President Kashim Shettima, made this known on Monday night during the maiden edition of the Nigeria Police Awards and Commendations ceremony held in the Transcorp Hilton, Abuja.

In order to continue his administration’s efforts to modernise the force and make it a professional, accountable organisation, he determined that a thorough reform of police officers’ institutional mentality and memory was essential.

He said that his administration had initiated wide-ranging reforms to revitalise the nation’s force since assuming office in 2023.

In order to give both men and women of the force the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the challenging work of modern policing, he emphasised the importance of training and capacity-building.

Additionally, he revealed that the first week of April had been approved by the federal government to be designated as police week, and the last day of the week as National Police Day.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in our tradition of honouring the Police Force in the life of this great nation, we have approved the adoption of the first week of April as Police Week.

“Furthermore, the last day of the week, April 7th, is hereby declared National Police Day in Nigeria.

“Tonight, I must remind you that we don’t see you as just the shields of the nation, we don’t see you as robots.

“This is why we are here; we are here to humanise you.

“At a time in Nigeria’s history, when the nation’s security architecture is being stretched beyond elastic limits, the citizens have been able to endure in the face of security threats as well as attacks on their lives and livelihoods due to the commitment of the police.

“Your exemplary valour doesn’t only represent the pinnacle of patriotism that binds us but also instills confidence that brighter days lie just beyond the horizon.”

Tinubu also announced plans to rejuvenate the police force through comprehensive reforms, including investment in training and capacity-building.

He aims to equip officers with the necessary knowledge, skills, values, and expertise to tackle modern policing challenges.

The government will upgrade the force’s equipment and technology to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency. This includes acquiring fit-for-purpose equipment, weapons, ammunition, and armoured carriers for cover and protection in combat situations.

President Tinubu also commended the Inspector-General of Police for recognising the hard work, resilience, and patriotism of the police force.

He urged the National Assembly to celebrate the nation’s unsung heroes, stating that the police force’s role in a democratic dispensation is crucial.

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