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Thanks to the influence of social media, we’ve witnessed lots of new and creative makeup trends since the beginning of 2023. The summer season, most especially, has introduced cool and inspiring ideas for makeup enthusiasts. These trends stand out for their focus on vibrant colours and innovative twists on the already established styles, allowing you to express your creativity. The goal this summer is to look more natural and attractive.

Here are 8 most striking trends this summer

  1. The Graphic Eyeliner: Graphic eyeliners have become a huge trend in the beauty industry. The graphic eyeliner trend allows you to experiment with your look by using striking colours and geometric shapes to make the eyes the center of attraction. This trend allows you to be creative and play with the face. Just have fun with it when trying it out.

2. The Glossy Lips: The glossy lip trend is back with a bang and stronger than ever! The shimmer and thicker texture of a lip gloss makes the lips look more supple and smooth, with a kissable shine. This trend has garnered attention from makeup artists, Influencers, and celebrities, making glosses the perfect option.

3. The Bold Blush Look: We love the flush of colour a bright blush brings to the face. The bold blush trend makes your cheeks the focus of your face. It’s a fun trend to try if you are looking for something unique to brighten up your skin and help you achieve either a matte, dewy, or natural finish. This trend is suitable for all skin types, making it super accessible for anyone to try.

4. The Barbie Pink Makeup Trend: Barbie pink is taking over the beauty space. If you are a Barbie fan, then you have a thing for pink glamour. This trend involves using vibrant pink shades on the eyes, lips, and cheeks to create a bold and playful look. It’s a fun and girly style that can be customised to suit different preferences and occasions.

5. Glitter and Metallics: Adding a touch of glitter or metallic shine to your makeup look can create a glamorous effect and a fantastic way to create a dramatic and seductive look. It is perfect for every vibe and mood. Breathe life into your makeup look with a quick touch of glitter and metallics to achieve a bejeweled face.

6. The Natural, Glowy-Skin-Like Finish: This is every girl’s dream to achieve radiant and flawless skin,and we are loving this new trend of a healthy glow trend. To achieve this look, focus on using lighter makeup products that let your natural skin shine through.

7. The Cat Eye Resurgence:The cat eye makeup is a dramatic eye makeup style that relies heavily on eyeliners, and it is now experiencing a resurgence of popularity. To create this look, you will need to use an eyeliner on the eyelids to create a smooth base.

8. Bleached Brows: There’s just something about  bleached brows that’s intriguing. They add a futuristic effect to the face. We know a growing list of celebrities that are embracing this trend. It is one of the beauty trends that have recently gained popularity. Creating this look requires layers of different makeup products like the cream primer, translucent powder, and layers of concealer, with an eyebrow brush.

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