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Temi Ami-Williams Of ‘Eyimofe’ Gets A Record-Breaking FESPACO Award

Temi Ami-Williams Of ‘Eyimofe’ Gets A Record-Breaking FESPACO Award 

In 36 years, the actress will be the second to win the award.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Temi Ami-Williams, the star of ‘Eyimofe,’ created history at the Ouagadougou Pan African Film and Television Festival, which just ended (FESPACO).

Clarion Chukwurah received the award for Best Young Actor in West Africa 36 years ago, and the actress recently won it again.

Young West African film actors under the age of 30 who have distinguished themselves by acting in a fictitious film in competition at FESPACO 2021 are honored with the award, which comes with a monetary prize of CFA 1 million.

Rosa, a young Nigerian who tries to make ends meet by taking on multiple sources of income, is played by Ami-Williams in the critically praised film by Chuko and Arie Esiri.

In an interview, she talked about how her own experiences helped her relate with Rosa.

“Eyimofe is my first film, so I had to understand many new things. Being the person to carry the story of Eyimofe to people is something I am very proud of, so I had to do it right. I had to understand shots, how much and how little was expected of me during scenes.

“I am glad the directors and producers took all these into consideration and they even got Cynthia Egbijie and me a coach whom they flew in to take us through the story, how to bring it to life and the techniques needed,” she said.

Meanwhile, during the festival’s finale on Sunday, October 23, Somalia’s entry, ‘The Gravedigger’s Wife,’ by Finish-Somali writer-director Khadar Ayderus Ahmed, earned the Stallion of Yennenga grand prize for best film.

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