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Tekno Releases His Second Studio Album, “The More The Better.”

Tekno Releases His Second Studio Album, “The More The Better.” 

By Adeke Chukwuka

Singer-songwriter and record producer Tekno has recently launched his second studio album, titled “The More The Better.” 

The artist’s new thirteen-track album, released as a follow-up to the 2020 “Old Romance” album, includes a collaboration with CKay and previously released songs such as “Peppermint,” “Pocket,” and “Peace of Mind.”

In his words, Tekno’s new album conveys a message about the fast-paced modern world, emphasising the need to slow down, relax, and savour life amidst the rush and impatience prevalent today.

“The More the Better” album showcases Tekno’s creative freedom and peak artistic talent. His smooth vocals effortlessly complement the beats, offering a mix of introspective lyrics, energetic dance anthems, and romantic narratives, all delivered in the captivating cadence of pidgin English.

In the ever-evolving world of Afrobeats during the 2010s, Tekno left an enduring mark through a string of international hits. His talent for crafting contagious dance tunes and catchy tracks distinguished him as an Afrobeats genius.

Moreover, his prowess in both songwriting and music production, demonstrated in collaborations with global stars like Swae Lee, Ciara, and Davido, firmly established him as a versatile musical genius.

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