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Simi Explains The #NobodyLikeWoman Challenge

Simi Explains The #NobodyLikeWoman Challenge 

Women shared black-and-white pictures of themselves, along with nasty remarks they have received in the past.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Simisola Kosoko, better known as Simi, the award-winning musician, has revealed the inspiration for the #NobodyLikeWomen challenge, which she pioneered on Instagram.

For the last six days, women have been sharing black-and-white pictures of themselves, along with nasty remarks they have received in the past.

Simi launched the challenge last Friday with an intriguing message, ‘How can she ask for that kind of money? Is she not pregnant?’

Following in her footsteps, dozens of female celebrities and individuals began sharing photos and images of themselves with stereotypical remarks.

One of the challenge’s highlights was when reality TV actress Khafi Ekpata stated that a critic had questioned her if her kid was ugly.

Khafi responded by praying for the critic and advising people to learn how to be kind to others.

According to Simi, she launched the challenge on Thursday to help women address the things that have been uttered to degrade them.

She said, “The reason many, many women are so strong today is that they’ve had to defy the things that were designed to make them weak. Stereotypes. Shame. Fear. Pain. Abuse.

“I respect the strength and courage it has taken many women in these past few days to be vulnerable enough to confront the things that people have said to them to poke at their insecurities and to demean them.

“Many of you have defied the status quo and changed the narrative. You’re brave. You are strong. You are a woman. And there’s nobody like you.”

In the same vein, the singer stated that her latest song, “Woman,” will be out before midnight.

The young mother stated, “In less than 12 hours, by the grace of God, my single “Woman” will be with you.

“I’m grateful for every woman that is standing in the gap for all of us. Your vulnerability is courage. I hope that, going forward, we are mindful of the words we say and the seeds that we plant in the lives of people.

“I also hope that we learn to support and protect women that are not able to do so for themselves. Now we celebrate Women! See you at midnight. #NobodyLikeWoman”

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