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Senator Justifies Purchase of 360 Expensive SUVs, Uses Bad Road Condition As Defence

Senator Justifies Purchase of 360 Expensive SUVs, Uses Bad Road Condition As Defence 

By Adeke Chukwuka

Senator Sunday Karimi, a member of the APC from Kogi, defended the purchase of 360 SUVs for senators in the 20th National Assembly, stating there’s nothing wrong with it. He made this statement in Abuja while speaking to the press, emphasising his position on the matter.

Senator Sunday Karimi defended the purchase of SUVs for senators, questioning why similar concerns weren’t raised about ministers having multiple vehicles.

He argued that the choice of Land Cruisers was based on cost and durability, emphasising the necessity due to poor road conditions in Nigeria. He stated that the decision was made after thorough analysis, not solely by senators.

Senator Karimi emphasised that the choice of SUVs was based on a comparative analysis of cost, technical issues, and durability for Nigeria’s roads. He pointed out that providing vehicles for the National Assembly is a recurring practise, similar to state houses of assembly and local government chairmen, highlighting the commonality of the situation.

Senator Karimi explained that part of the funds paid to the contractor for the vehicles was used to settle about ₦16 billion worth of liabilities from previous assemblies. He clarified that these liabilities included various vehicles from the 7th, 8th, and 9th assemblies.

Karimi justified the cost, stating that suppliers had to consider past debts and the fact that the government allowed only a 25% margin, plus VAT and other taxes, making it challenging for suppliers to provide vehicles at market prices.

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