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Sean Tizzle Returns With New Album ‘Dues’ After A Long Hiatus
Sean Tizzle

Sean Tizzle Returns With New Album ‘Dues’ After A Long Hiatus 

Sean Tizzle, a Nigerian rapper, has released a new album titled “Dues.”

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Sean Tizzle returns with his self-titled album, ‘Dues,’ after four remarkable releases, to roll back the years and remind audiences of his compelling skill.

Sean Tizzle composed ‘Dues’ from a place of grief, prophetic space, and passion, and it will be released on June 16, 2023.

Sean Tizzle utilizes music to communicate captivating tales, with all tracks on the album based on real-life circumstances and emotions.

The songs vary from ‘Divine African Woman,’ in which Sean sings to the one he loves, to ‘Dance,’ in which Sean reminds listeners that happiness is the finest investment in life and should never be lost. In ‘With You,’ he demonstrates his tender side, and in ‘Focus,’ he demonstrates the power of reassurance. Sean Tizzle’s song ‘Paid My Dues’ reminds listeners that triumph is eternal.


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