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OdumoduBlvck Says He Would Like To Have Drake & J Hus On ‘Declan Rice’ Remix

OdumoduBlvck Says He Would Like To Have Drake & J Hus On ‘Declan Rice’ Remix 

Odumodu Blvck, a Nigerian hip-hop sensation, speaks with Apple Music’s The Dotty Show about his meteoric climb to prominence.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Odumodu Blvck is one of the musicians introducing much-needed excitement and intricacies into the Nigerian Hip Hop industry with his distinctive style that combines Hip Hop with Highlife.

Odumodu Blvck recently spoke with The Dotty Show on Apple Music about his climb to mainstream popularity and his intentions to restore Hip Hop to its golden days.

Odumodu Blvck had a tremendous year in 2023 when he released his hit song ‘Declan Rice,’ a huge success. According to the rapper, the tune was met with enthusiasm the instant he released the clip, even by the football player Declan Rice, after whom he named it.

“I was playing it for my exec, Tizzy, and Tizzy was like, “This is a serious record.” I said, “Yes. I know it’s a serious record.” God does give me that record. And I knew from the get-go when I put out the snippets. It was mad. Declan Rice commented everybody was going wild every day; comments, DMs, “Bro, when are you dropping this tune?” And when it came out, it did more than intended.”

Following the success of ‘Declan Rice,’ Odumodu Blvck has emerged as one of Afrobeats’ fastest-rising musicians, whose music provides much-needed intricacy to the Hip Hop industry. The rapper tells The Dotty Show he’s working on a remix with two international rap heavyweights.

“Imagine having Drake and J Hus on Declan Rice remix, It’s going to spin the world on its head,” Odumodu Blvck says about his desire to have the UK and Canadian superstars on his record.

Odumodu Blvck is ready to continue his stellar run in 2023, with another single on the way before the release of his highly anticipated EP.

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