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Olakira Returns With Two New Singles, ‘Ileke’ & ‘Kisses’

Olakira Returns With Two New Singles, ‘Ileke’ & ‘Kisses’ 

Olakira makes his triumphant comeback with two engaging songs, ‘Ileke’ and ‘Kisses,’ aiming to captivate fans with his amazing return.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The bouncy, feel-good song ‘Ileke’ is the forefront lead single on the brand-new two-pack project, which is an immersive experience that mixes fascinating melodies, compelling rhythms, and Olakira’s unrivaled musical skill.

‘Ileke,’ a stunning mix of Afrobeat and current sounds with a catchy rhythm and soul-stirring lyrics, exemplifies Olakira’s creative talent.

This Afro-infused masterpiece, produced by the legendary Simba Tagz, pays tribute to the internationally appreciated centuries-old African fashion item worn around the waist, the ‘Ileke.’

Symbolizing elegance, confidence, and cultural pride, ‘Ileke’ transcends time; its resurgence in these modern times projects the accessory not only as an adornment that highlights the curvaceous nature of the African woman but also as a symbol that highlights the African man as a fashion-forward rebel.

Conversely, ‘Kisses’ reveals Olakira’s flexibility as a gifted musician and multi-instrumentalist.

This captivating piece, produced by Olakira, goes into the depths of love and longing, demonstrating his talent for building melodies that pull at the heartstrings. With its silky voice, rhythmic cadence, and charming accompaniment, ‘Kisses’ is a compelling love song that will leave listeners wanting more.

Both tracks have hard-hitting pop components and log drumming, which enhances their strong chances of becoming a fan favorite in clubs and on streaming platforms.


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