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NLC Vows To Proceed With Wednesday Strike Over Fuel Subsidy Removal

NLC Vows To Proceed With Wednesday Strike Over Fuel Subsidy Removal 

The Nigeria Labour Congress denies strike pullout rumors and emphasizes unity and national concern.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

In reaction to recent rumors that the planned statewide strike would be called off, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has dismissed such allegations and reaffirmed its steadfast position.

The labor group stressed that the strike would be called off only if the Federal Government and the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL) returned to the former status quo on fuel subsidy elimination.

Benson Upah, the NLC’s Head of Information and Public Affairs, released a statement on Sunday, June 04, 2023, in direct reaction to an item published in a national newspaper on the same day. The NLC slammed the allegation as ridiculous, calling it a desperate effort by opponents to create ethnic or regional divides inside the Nigeria Labour Congress on a national issue.

Upah emphasized that such concepts were only figments of the mind intended to cause division. He reaffirmed that the Nigeria Labour Congress is a uniting force propelled by a common national vision, purpose, and principles, rejecting feelings based on religion, geography, or race.

Concerning the impending strike, the NLC stated that its member unions are fully committed to carrying it out on Wednesday, June 7, unless the NNPC and the government take proper measures. Upah said that religious, regional, or ethnic prejudices had no place in the NLC.

Upah stated, “this scenario only plays in their imagination as Nigeria Labour Congress continues to be the biggest pan-Nigerian organization united by a common vision/mission and shared national values.”

The NLC’s official statement also emphasized the negative effect of the policy of removing gasoline subsidies, emphasizing that it would affect all areas of the nation. As a result, the NLC emphasized that there is no reason for any area to refrain from participating in the strike.

It is worth noting that President Bola Tinubu declared the end of petroleum product subsidies in his inauguration address. However, starting May 29, 2023, this decision has caused great suffering in Nigerian society.

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