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NLC and TUC Unite for Indefinite Strike Starting October 3

NLC and TUC Unite for Indefinite Strike Starting October 3 

By Adeke Chukwuka

Organised labour in Nigeria has united to announce a nationwide economic shutdown scheduled for next Tuesday. This action, unlike a previous two-day warning strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has the full support of organised labour and its affiliates, and it is set to be an indefinite protest.

Both the NLC and TUC, after resolving their differences, are preparing to launch their fourth industrial action since June, which coincides with the removal of the petrol subsidy. They are united in pursuing common demands from the Federal Government to address their concerns and provide relief measures for the people of Nigeria. 

In a joint press conference in Abuja, NLC President Joe Ajaero and TUC counterpart Festus Osifo highlighted the extensive hardships faced by citizens nationwide due to the petrol price hike and expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s response.

Ajaero, speaking on behalf of the labour centres, emphasised that their discussions focused on the Federal Government’s persistent refusal to engage in meaningful dialogue in good faith, despite the 21-day ultimatum and the successful two-day nationwide warning strike on September 5 and 6. These meetings were intended to show Nigerian workers’ commitment to an indefinite nationwide strike.

Upon careful consideration, Ajaero stated that both the NLC and TUC NEC decided that, in the spirit of Independence Day and to assert their determination for a truly independent Nigeria, it was necessary to take control of their destinies and work towards rescuing the nation.

The labour centres have decided to initiate an indefinite nationwide shutdown starting on Tuesday, October 3. They have instructed all workers in Nigeria to cease working on that date. Additionally, they have called upon their affiliates and state councils to promptly mobilise for street protests and rallies until the government positively addresses their demands.

The NLC president called upon all patriotic Nigerians to collaborate and help the government prioritise the well-being of its citizens in its policies and programmes. He mentioned that the grace period provided by the labour centres has ended, and he expressed concern about ongoing threats to trade unions from the state, including police suppression.

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