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KCee Takes Inspiration From Lagbaja For New Rebrand

KCee Takes Inspiration From Lagbaja For New Rebrand 

KCee has disclosed the meaning behind his mask-wearing choice.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

KCee is a veteran of the Nigerian music business who has built a reputation for consistently reinventing himself via a thorough investigation of Afrobeats and South Eastern Nigerian music.

In a recent interview, the guy who shut down Africa with his smash tune ‘Limpopo’ in 2013 and is now making a spectacular return to the top of the mainstream a decade later explained the reason behind his now iconic facial ask.

According to KCee, he’s rebranding into another dimension that would offer fans the KCee 2.0, and he’s receiving inspiration for this rebrand from the Nigerian famous saxophonist and singer Lagbaja, who’s famed for his mask.

“Me wearing my mask, I’m all masked up. It’s just a new Kcee. It’s a new season of dum dum and I just decided to cover my face. You guys have been seeing my face for almost 24/25 years. This time around I chose to cover it up and just give it some Lagbaja 2.0, Kcee 2.0,” KCee says about his new style.

KCee has released a new track called ‘Ojapiano,’ which is a synthesis of the famed “OJA” flute from the eastern region of Nigeria and South Africa’s era-dominating Amapiano sound.

The song has achieved enormous popularity on streaming platforms and social media, where it has gone viral. The tune also propelled KCee to the top of Nigeria’s most popular music list, TurnTable Top 100.

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