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Grammy Academy Considering An Afrobeats Category

Grammy Academy Considering An Afrobeats Category 

Following the CEO of the Grammy Academy, Mr. Harvey Manson, revealing that the Academy is thinking about adding an Afrobeats category to its prestigious award, there have been a number of responses.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Harvey Manson, the academy’s chief executive officer, disclosed that the academy has begun the arduous process of introducing an Afrobeats category to the Grammys while addressing the media at the Global Citizens concert in Ghana.

Harvey says that the academy met with Afrobeats creatives, which includes musicians, producers, composers, and executives, to discuss the genre and its various subgenres.

He also disclosed that before discussions can begin, academy members must submit a proposal for the creation of a new category. The first stage, though, is the listening session with the Afrobeats pioneers.

Songs that fit under the Afrobeats subgenre will be eligible for consideration now that the Grammy Awards have added an Afrobeats category.

Although the term “Afrobeats” was originally used to describe the popular music of Nigeria and Ghana, the West has frequently confused it to refer to any sound emanating from sub-Saharan Africa. The implication is that South African musical subgenres including House, Amapiano, and Kwaito may be categorized as Afrobeats. The same may be said for Congolese music, such as the Soukous or the East African Singile.

The Academy must correctly define the key components of an Afrobeats song since doing so will be the first step in properly recognizing the best songs, regardless of where they were produced.

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