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Get To Know The Dune Characters

Get To Know The Dune Characters 

Dune is a mix of Marvel and DC heroes and villains, in case you didn’t notice.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

One of the factors that makes Dune such a fascinating watch is the slew of A-list actors that emerge scene after scene, whether it’s Jason Momoa sporting an unusually shaved beard or the adorable Zendaya reveling in her enigmatic aura. The thrill of HEX, though, extends beyond its top-notch visual experience and future interplanetary fights for Marvel and DC fans. It’s the presence of well-known actors who have played characters from two of the most well-known comic universes, and here are eight of them.

Jason Momoa: He plays the deity of the sea in the DC movies. Duncan Idaho, a ferocious and skillful warrior for Atreides’ house, was played by Aquaman and the Justice League.

Josh Brolin: plays Gurney Halleck, an Atreides soldier, Paul’s family friend, and weapons instructor, is played by the actor in “Dune.” Brolin had already played a variety of comic book characters before landing the part of “Dune.” In the 2010 DC film “Jonah Hex,” he played the titular bounty hunter. Later in his career, he played Marvel villains Nathan Summers / Cable (in “Deadpool 2”) and Thanos (in the MCU’s Infinity Saga).

Zendaya: in Villeneuve’s film, who plays Chani? Chani is one of the Fremen that live on Arrakis, and her tale is intertwined with that of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), the film’s protagonist. Zendaya plays Mary Jane, the hero’s love interest, in the current Spider-Man series, starring Tom Holland.

Dave Bautista: In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie he plays Beat Rabban, played Drax.

Stellan Skarsgard: In the first two Thor films and The Avengers, Skarsgard portrayed scientist Erik Selvig. In Dune, the actor takes on a very different role as Vladimir Harkonnen, the film’s Big Bad. Leto Atreides’ opponent and antagonist Harkonnen was the trigger for the problems House Atreides experienced throughout the film.

Oscar Isaac: The Guatemalan-American actor made his MCU debut as Duke Leto Atreides, but he’s still a major Marvel figure. Following the release of Dune, Isaac will star in Marvel’s Disney series Moon Knight, which is based on the character.

David Dastmalchian: Despite his appearance in Marvel Antman (2018), David Dastmalchian’s breakout performance as Polka-dot-man didn’t come until this year. Less than four months later, the actor debuts on the big screen again in James Gunn’s version of DC’s ‘The Suicide Squad.’ This time as the wicked Piter De Vries, a human-computer and the terrible Baron Harkonnen’s (Stellan Skarsgard) right-hand man.

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