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BlueprintAfric Announces the Premiere of SMOG Productions’ Series, “SheerLife”, with a Memorable Press Conference

BlueprintAfric Announces the Premiere of SMOG Productions’ Series, “SheerLife”, with a Memorable Press Conference 

[Enugu, 30th June 2023] – BlueprintAfric, a leading new-age media organization, partnered with Afia TV to host a highly anticipated Press Conference featuring the talented lead cast and crew of SMOG Productions’ latest hit movie series, SheerLife. The event, which took place on Friday, 23rd of June 2023, provided exclusive insights into the production process, the experiences of the team, and the motivations behind the creation of the series. 

The press conference took place at the Blueafric Media Playground and was attended by prominent media houses including Urban Radio, Voice of the East, and UncleHead. The event kicked off with a welcome address from the Chief Storyteller of BlueprintAfric, Odera Collins, who served as the anchor of the conference and facilitated an engaging question-and-answer session between the cast and crew members and the media houses in attendance.

The scriptwriter of SheerLife, Ifeanyichukwu Franklin, shared his inspiration for choosing the high-school-themed drama, emphasizing the importance of creating family entertainment that appeals to both teenagers and adults. He also revealed that the characters in the movie were based on his personal high school experiences, with a particular focus on the characters, Kaima, Ifegazie, and Jidenna.

The Production Manager of SheerLife, Ikegwuonu Afamefuna, also known as “Filmboy” discussed the challenges and rewards of conceptualizing the production phase, which involved coordinating over 400 individuals on set. He expressed his passion for film production and the joy of working with the talented team that brought the story to life.

Thankgod Felix, the Executive Producer, explained his decision to work with fresh faces and shared his positive experience during the series auditions held in Asaba, Enugu, Calabar, and Lagos. He also highlighted that the audition in Enugu stood out among the others, leading to the cancellation of subsequent auditions due to the exceptional talent discovered.

Kenny Basil, the Director of SheerLife, expressed his contentment with the movie, highlighting its unique position as a film featuring sole debuts on set. He cited his previous directing experiences and the continuous recognition received from his 2022 movie, Echezona, as a testament to his dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional storytelling.

During the conference, some of the cast members —Jennifer Chisom, Ogbonna Steven, Crystal Chinecherem, and Mocha Chinenye— provided insights into their roles, preparation processes, and their experiences working with the SheerLife crew. They expressed their enthusiasm to work together again in the future.

In a nutshell, “SheerLife” follows the lives of senior high school students as they navigate the challenges of balancing parental expectations, personal aspirations, social lives, relationships, and the overall journey of adolescence. The series portrays a diverse range of personalities and peers commonly found in Nigerian secondary schools.

About BlueprintAfric:

BlueprintAfric is a forward-thinking media organization dedicated to showcasing the vibrancy and dynamism of the African continent. Through its innovative approach to storytelling, BlueprintAfric aims to provide a platform for diverse voices, promote African culture and arts, and inspire positive change within communities. With a focus on engaging content and cutting-edge technology, BlueprintAfric is at the forefront of the new-age media revolution.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Odera Collins

Chief Storyteller, BlueprintAfric & Director of Experience, Blueafric Media 

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