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<strong><em>SheerLife</em></strong><strong>: SMOG Productions Triumphs with Epic Series Premiere!</strong>

SheerLife: SMOG Productions Triumphs with Epic Series Premiere! 

[Enugu, 30th June 2023] – Leading new-age media organisation, BlueprintAfric, is thrilled to announce the highly successful premiere of SMOGG Productions’ latest series, SheerLife. The exclusive event occurred on Sunday, June 25, 2023, at Viva Cinema in Enugu. The premiere captivated audiences with its engaging storyline, exceptional performances, and thought-provoking moral lessons.

The excitement began as early as 4 pm when the doors opened, and the cast, crew, and over 250 enthusiastic guests flocked to Viva Cinema. Nancy Ekwueme, the esteemed host for the SheerLife series premiere, graced the blue carpet, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. Attendees eagerly anticipated the premiere, filling two halls to capacity, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and enthusiasm.

The premiere left everyone buzzing with positive reviews, as SheerLife received high praise from attendees, who were captivated by its compelling narrative, impressive performances, and valuable life lessons it conveys. Attendees emerged from the viewing with smiles on their faces and praise for the series on their lips. Many compared the series to renowned streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, affirming its quality and entertainment value.

Notable guests that were present at the event include Nigerian film producer and director, Okey Oku; Blueafric Media’s Creative Director, Anugo Osadebe; Filmmaker and On-Air-Personality, Lorenzo Menakaya; Music Artist and OAP, Marcswagz; Funk Visuals’ Creative Director, Director Funk; and the Co-Founder of Lady Beellionaire, Valerie Okochi, amongst others. 

The visionary team behind SheerLife consists of Thankgod Nnaemeka Felix (Executive Producer), Victor Onwudiwe (Director), Ovu Ifeanyichukwu Franklin (Story/Screenplay), and Ikegwuonu Afamefuna (Production Manager). Together, they have created a series that resonates deeply with audiences and elevates the standard of Nigerian television.

BlueprintAfric extends its deepest gratitude to the talented cast, dedicated crew, media partners, and enthusiastic audience for the unwavering role they played and their support in making the premiere successful. With the success of SheerLife, BlueprintAfric further solidifies its position as a pioneering force in the modern media landscape, committed to bringing premium content and entertainment to audiences across Africa and beyond.

SheerLife follows the lives of senior high school students as they navigate the complexities of balancing their parents’ expectations, personal goals, passions, social lives, relationships, and the challenges of everyday life. The characters represent a diverse range of personalities and peers commonly found in Nigerian secondary schools. With its relatable characters and thought-provoking storylines, SheerLife promises to captivate viewers.

For more information, please contact:

Odera Collins

Chief Storyteller, BlueprintAfric & Director of Experience, Blueafric Media 

About BlueprintAfric:  

BlueprintAfric is a forward-thinking media organization at the forefront of shaping the future of African entertainment. With a mission to promote and celebrate African talent, culture, and innovation, BlueprintAfric aims to provide a platform for African voices to be heard on a global scale. Through its diverse range of content, including articles, interviews, videos, and events, BlueprintAfric is dedicated to showcasing the best of Africa to the world.

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