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Ajebo Hustlers’ Release New Single ‘You Go Know’

Ajebo Hustlers’ Release New Single ‘You Go Know’ 

The new lively and catchy tune “You Go Know” by the Nigerian musical group Ajebo Hustlers displays their vivid energy and distinctive fusion of Afrobeats and pop music.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The lyrics stress the hardship of George Dandeson and Precious Isiah, members of Ajebo Hustlers, to create a livelihood via hard labor and commitment. The chorus highlights the value of self-belief, with the words “I believe in myself, all your uncertainty Opari Opari o,” urging listeners to pursue their aspirations and accept their true selves.

Ajebo Hustlers have swiftly become one of Nigeria’s top acts because of their distinct sound and fascinating performances. Their current track, ‘You Go Know,’ is yet another testament to their brilliance and consistency, and it is guaranteed to make an impact in the Nigerian music industry and beyond.


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