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Lucy, New Housemate, Requests to Leave ‘BBNaija All Stars’ House.

Lucy, New Housemate, Requests to Leave ‘BBNaija All Stars’ House. 

Lucy announces her intention to exit the All Stars house in a diary session with Big Brother following an altercation with Kimoprah on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Lucy confessed to Big Brother that she wanted to leave because of her dispute with Kimoprah and the impact of the therapy session they had earlier in the day.

She said, “This whole Kimoprah thing, I really want to know if this was the task you gave her, I thought we were supposed to be on the same side, and then this lady that came just opened like a whole can of stuff.”.

This announcement comes as a surprise to fans and viewers who only recently met the new roommates.

During the aforementioned altercation, Kimoprah attempted to explain to some of the roommates what had occurred between her and Lucy. She described the circumstance as perplexing, given that they were on the same team for the treatment sessions together.

She said, “She started acting out, she was being feisty, and I was even rubbing her leg, saying calm down. I don’t understand this drama”.

Since Kimoprah and Lucy aren’t from the same BBNaija season, it’s unclear where their current animosity originated. Pere and Mercy, on the other hand, chatted with Lucy in an attempt to calm her down. They told her about their previous experiences in the All Stars mansion and urged her to try to shake things off.

Big Brother did not immediately oblige with Lucy’s desire to leave the home, instead requesting that the conversation be postponed until a later date. Lucy is still in the BBNaija All Stars home as of August 22, 2023, and only time will tell if she will be there till the conclusion.

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