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<strong>Adewale Yusuf: Shaping the Future of Tech and Education in Africa – Chief Original Gangstar</strong>

Adewale Yusuf: Shaping the Future of Tech and Education in Africa – Chief Original Gangstar 

We love to see the tech revolutions that are taking place in Africa. But, beyond celebrating these achievements, it is paramount to also celebrate the visionaries who have been working tirelessly to make them possible. In a digital age flooded with entrepreneurs claiming the throne, there are many who we would categorise as the posers and those we call the doers, who do not leave it to their teams or partners to navigate the challenging waters of creating an advanced tech ecosystem in the African continents. It is this group that rolls in the mud to manifest change and sustainable digital advancement that stands out as true Gangstar Entrepreneurs. These individuals go beyond the ordinary, reshaping industries and fostering innovation in Africa. 

In today’s issue of Chief Original Gangstar, our COG is Adewale Yusuf, a three-time founder with a knack for transforming opportunity distribution across the continent. Brace yourself because, in this issue, we will be taking you through the riveting journey of Adewale’s ventures, from co-founding TalentQL, Techpoint Africa, and AltSchool Africa to his impactful role as a thought leader in the African tech ecosystem.

Adewale Yusuf is standing at the forefront of a revolution, changing the landscape of opportunity in Africa. Currently serving as the Co-founder and CEO of AltSchool Africa and TalentQL, he spearheads edtech and recruitment products, empowering thousands of students in software engineering, product development, and tech leadership. Before founding TalentQL, he played a vital role in growing Techpoint Africa into the largest media company covering the African tech ecosystem, garnering over a decade of experience building in Africa.

Yusuf’s impact transcends borders, acting as a bridge between Africa and the global tech community. His ventures, including Techpoint Africa, showcase the immense potential of African innovation on the world stage. Beyond technology, Adewale is a visual storyteller and the Chief host of Techpoint Inspired, Nigeria’s largest tech conference, and Techpoint Build, Nigeria’s largest Startup Conference & Exhibition. And when he’s not immersed in tech talk, his passion for photography and love for travel takes over.

Amidst Adewale Yusuf’s remarkable journey lies a deep commitment to improving education on the continent. Serving on the board of Life Beyond Disability, a non-profit advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities in Africa, he believes education is the key to unlocking the Future of Work. Through AltSchool Africa, Adewale addresses the skills gap, offering online-only learning with a unique pricing model and an income-sharing agreement, connecting learners to internships for successful entry into the job market.

In a recent funding round, AltSchool Africa secured $3 million, backed by Intellecap and facilitated by the Rwandan Innovation Fund. Adewale Yusuf expressed gratitude for the Rwandan government’s support, emphasising their instrumental role in AltSchool’s success. The startup, founded in 2021, aims to democratise information and develop tech talents in Africa, aligning with the broader trend of African companies expanding operations in Rwanda.

Adewale Yusuf, the Nigerian tech maestro, continues to shape the future of tech and education in Africa. With a focus on creating value and democratising information, he stands as a Chief Original Gangstar, leaving an indelible mark on the African tech landscape. We applaud Adewale for his unwavering commitment to innovation, education, and empowering the next generation of African tech leaders. 

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