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Whitemoney Apologizes For Comments Made Regarding BBNaija Ladies
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Whitemoney Apologizes For Comments Made Regarding BBNaija Ladies 

This follows the outrage that followed his remarks on OAP Nedu’s podcast, “The Honest Bunch,” when he made some derogatory statements about women.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

During an interview on Nedu’s podcast, Whitemoney, the Big Brother Naija winner who won “shine yer eyes,” expressed regret to anybody who he may have offended with his remarks.

He attacked the BBNaija ladies on the podcast, saying they take part in it for amusement rather than to advertise themselves to potential partners outside the home. He added that many of the females aren’t interested in working but are constantly pleading with him to connect them with his wealthy pals. The artist faced backlash for making statements like these that were seen as “derogatory” against women.

The reality TV personality said in a video that surfaced on March 28 that he was misunderstood and never meant to denigrate any women. Instead, he wanted to inspire the soldiers, and some of them did.

In a subsequent live broadcast with Daddy Freeze that many people missed, Whitemoney said that he had previously expressed regret to all parties involved, including Victoria Inyama and others.

The reality TV star emphasized that because women raised him and are important to his profession, he would never belittle them. He expressed regret to whomever his statements on the program may have offended.

He said, “I will never slander women, I will never talk bad about women, I was raised by women, I love women, my team is filled with women, and I don’t have anything against women. Women have been a major part of my career and I appreciate every single woman in my life that I’ve come across and yet to come across. So I’m sorry to all the woman who feel insulted, I didn’t mean to insult anybody intentionally, I’m not above mistakes, I’m not perfect, thank you very much, let love lead.”

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