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Tiwa Savage Postpones London Concert Due To Medical Reasons

Tiwa Savage Postpones London Concert Due To Medical Reasons 

Nigerian international sensation Tiwa Savage has revealed that she’s battling a vocal virus.

After the release of her single “Stamina” and her impactful guest appearance on Sypro’s “Who’s Your Guy?”, Tiwa Savage has been having a great year.

However, the award-winning singer is hitting the brakes following a vocal infection that has restricted her to bed rest.

October 17, 2023: Tiwa Savage posted on her Instagram account that she has been fighting a voice illness and that her doctors have recommended she take a vacation from singing.

“To my dear Savage Soldiers, I’ve been fighting off a virus for the past few weeks and was today firmly instructed to be on strict vocal rest for the next few months.

I will unfortunately have to postpone all performances, including my first ever headline arena show in London. I’m heartbroken and devastated, but I have to do this to save what’s left of my voice. I’m so sorry. I love you all and promise to be back performing once I’m fully healed.”

With her November 2023 performance at the Wembley Arena, Tiwa Savage was set to become the first female Afrobeats singer to headline the venue. Along with the rest of her gigs, which will all be rescheduled for a later time, she has now postponed the performance.

As they wait for Tiwa Savage to return to the stage, fans are hoping for a rapid recovery because she is still one of Africa’s most celebrated and prosperous musicians.

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