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Iwájú: Disney’s Lagos-Based Sci-Fi to Run on DSTV Channels in April

Iwájú: Disney’s Lagos-Based Sci-Fi to Run on DSTV Channels in April 

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Christine Service, general manager for The Walt Disney Company Africa, confirmed that Disney’s Lagos-based sci-fi series, Iwájú, will air on the Disney channel on DSTV starting in April.

This will happen a month after the series began streaming on Disney Plus, which is currently available in South Africa but not in Nigeria.

We are very excited that Iwájú will be on Disney Plus across the globe from the 28th of February, which is fantastic,” she said. “But we are also super excited that here on this continent and absolutely in Nigeria, we will also be distributing Iwájú on the Disney channel starting in April and May.”

The series was produced by Nigerian-led Kugali Media, marking the first time Walt Disney Animation Studios collaborated with an external entity. The six-part series will air from April 22 to 26, followed by a special marathon on April 27, a repeat broadcast from April 29 to May 4, another marathon on May 5, and finally on Africa Day, May 25.

Service explained why Disney has only recently launched its first project in Nigeria, saying, “This is one of many projects we’ve worked on over the years. It’s a matter of timing in discovering the stories that the Kugali team wanted to tell and realizing that the Kugali team’s philosophy of great storytelling, quality, and innovation is the same philosophy that we have at Disney, and there was a real meeting of minds on how to produce this series.”

Although she didn’t confirm Disney’s next African project, she said the company is excited to work with more Africans in the future.

The more we work here and the more we work with the creative team on this continent, the more we understand about the excellence in storytelling and filmmaking that exists here,” she said.

Iwájú starts streaming for the global audience on Disney Plus on February 28.

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