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Singer Simi Almost Denied Entry To Passport Office For ‘Indecent Dressing’
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Singer Simi Almost Denied Entry To Passport Office For ‘Indecent Dressing’ 

The artist was admitted after being asked to remove a few accessories.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Simi, a Nigerian musician, recently described a troubling experience at a passport office when she was almost refused access owing to her outfit.

On Thursday, June 8, 2023, the renowned musician turned to her Instagram page to narrate the encounter, illuminating the occurrence that left her startled and furious.

According to the singer, she was told she couldn’t go any farther when she arrived at the passport office since her attire was judged obscene.

“I went to the passport office to get my passport done and when I reached the gate, they said I should go back because I am indecently dressed,” Simi revealed in the video.

She expressed her surprise, started inspecting her clothes, and asked the gatekeeper if anything was improper.

“I looked myself up and down and asked, can you see anything in my body that is indecent?”, she questioned.

Even though the gatekeeper conceded that he couldn’t see anything wrong, he urged that she return and wear something more “down.”

Despite her celebrity, the security guard refused to let her inside the premises.

Only after the intervention of a high official inside the passport office was she permitted to enter.

Simi went on to say that she had to comply with more requirements to obtain access. She removed her nose ring and earrings and wrapped a tiny shawl across her chest.

She was even requested to sing for the authorities, which surprised her. The situation embarrassed her and made her doubt the legitimacy of such rigorous dress code restrictions.

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