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Nonso Diobi Returns To Nollywood After 6-Year Break
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Nonso Diobi Returns To Nollywood After 6-Year Break 

The well-known actor has been out of the spotlight for approximately six years.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Nonso Diobi has explained his six-year hiatus from Nollywood.

In a recent interview with Hip TV, the experienced actor said he quit the acting industry to concentrate on learning more.

In his words, “So basically, I put it this way. I always take time off to acquire more knowledge, to become something else in entertainment, and to also keep giving my followers what they want. Basically, that’s why I have been off the scene for long.”

The actor, who had a successful early career, added that he has transitioned from acting to filmmaking. He also said that he would be making a return with two thrilling films.

“…I am coming back with a bang. “Right now, I have two movies in the works and I will be making it known to the public pretty soon. At the moment, I can officially tell you that I am a filmmaker also, not just the regular Nonso Diobi movie star that you know. So I’m also into directing now. I’m producing my own movies, and very soon, the fans will really understand why I took some time off. Because entertainment is my life,” he stated.

The actor made his cinematic debut in the 2001 picture Border Line. After acting in over 80 films, he swiftly became a celebrity and was nominated for several Oscars.

Diobi’s reappearance adds to Nollywood veteran actors making comebacks, such as Chidi Mokeme.

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