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Simi Opens Up About The Challenges Of Motherhood
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Simi Opens Up About The Challenges Of Motherhood 

The singer is working on finding a balance between her work and motherhood.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Simi recently spoke out about her parenting journey and the difficulties she endured during a two-year fight.

In an exclusive conversation with Cool FM, the musician discussed how she balances being a mother and pursuing her profession.

Simi described being a mother as the most fantastic thing she has ever done, expressing her astonishment and love.

She did, however, confess to feeling vulnerable at times as she began this new chapter in her life. It wasn’t until her daughter, Adejare, was two that the singer started to find herself and restore her identity.

When asked about her little bundle of joy, Simi replied, “Oh my god, she is one of the most interesting people already. It is a lot of things simultaneously, and I feel like the more time I spend as a mom, my feelings about it evolve.”

Simi further explained the transformative process she underwent as a mother, stating, “2 years later after I had my child, I started to see myself a little more. When I say see myself, I mean notice myself, like oh you’re still there. It’s like the tunnel vision became wider, and I was able to see and experience myself a little bit more. And so it can make you really vulnerable, but it’s such a beautiful thing. That’s the most incredible thing I have ever done, and every day I am grateful to have that opportunity. But it’s not easy.”

The Duduke singer emphasized the problematic yet fantastic elements of parenthood. She emphasized the sacrifices she had to make and the progression of her sentiments as a mother, recognizing that everyone’s experience is different.

Simi, now in her third year of motherhood, juggles her profession and motherhood.

The previous two years have clearly been emotionally and professionally transformational for the artist.

Watch full interview:

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