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In 2026, Nigerians Will be Able to Apply Online for Schengen Visas
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In 2026, Nigerians Will be Able to Apply Online for Schengen Visas 

There’s good news for Nigerian travelers: by 2026, the paper-based Schengen visa application process will completely transition to a digital one.

The new digitalization initiative brings forward a unified platform where travelers can effortlessly complete all visa procedures for any Schengen country.

Travelers will find this centralized approach to be more convenient, efficient, and user-friendly when planning trips with multiple Schengen destinations, as it eliminates the need for multiple websites or agencies.

The following are some things to expect when the visa application process goes digital:

Digital Documentation

Eliminate the need to print countless documents or be concerned about losing them. Through the digital system, travelers will be able to upload digital scans of their passports, biometric photos, airline tickets, and proof of accommodations, doing away with the need for physical documentation.

Online Fee Payment

Travelers can now apply for visas more easily and conveniently online by using a single, unified platform. This eliminates the need for cash transactions or in-person bank visits.

In-Person Requirement

Only a small number of cases—first-time applicants, those whose biometric data has expired, or those with newly issued travel documents—will necessitate in-person visits. There won’t be any appointment lines and the procedure will be streamlined even in these situations.

Digital Barcodes to Replace Stickers

For a more digital experience, digital barcodes will take the place of traditional visa stickers in passports.

When the platform fully launches in 2028, between 22 and 25 million visa applications will be processed globally, according to the official EU Schengen visa website. This change would guarantee a more economical procedure while also saving applicants significant time and effort.

Besart Bajrami, the founder of SchengenVisaInfo and VisaGuide.World, expressed his support for digitalization, stating, “This is without a doubt a revolution in the sector of EU visa applications, which will completely reshape travelers’ experience on getting a Schengen visa, making it not only less expensive but also less time and energy-consuming and thus less stressful. The platform will also eliminate the possibility of rejection for applying at the wrong embassy.”

As we move towards a more digitalized experience, Nigerian travelers will have more convenience, and this change is sure to open doors to new opportunities across the Schengen area.

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