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Portable Wows Fans With Performance In Rivers State
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Portable Wows Fans With Performance In Rivers State 

Nigerian street-hop superstar Portable has kept up his mesmerizing stage presence, this time performing in River State.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

On January 3, 2022, in front of thousands of admirers, Portable wowed the crowd in River State by performing in the local streams.

The popular performer, who previously appeared on a stage built on the sea, was transported to the occasion. Fans screamed along to the rapper’s tag, “Wahala Wahala Wahala,” which has recently gained greater popularity. The musician is known for his street songs and antics.

Portable had a prosperous 2022 because he was frequently in the headlines for his songs and shenanigans. He visited several nations. He was first nominated for the Headies before being later disqualified for threats against fellow nominees and other transgressions.

Portable’s most recent performance was at the Afrikan Shrine in Lagos, where he made analogies to the legendary wrestler The Undertaker by entering the stage in a casket.

With his most recent performance in the creeks of River States, Portable has maintained his reputation as a performer whose song and presence appeal to the general public in a way that transcends all language borders.

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