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Portable Calls Out Spyro for Refusing A Collaboration
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Portable Calls Out Spyro for Refusing A Collaboration 

Portable is certain that he has the skill and flexibility to work with musicians from many musical backgrounds.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

Portable, a popular street musician, has voiced his anger with Spyro after the latter claimed that he would be unable to cooperate with Portable.

Spyro said in an interview with Cool FM that Portable’s musical style does not correspond with the sort of music he does, making cooperation improbable.

In his words, “Not because I have an issue with him, but because our paths don’t cross. Our paths didn’t align. He wouldn’t be able to deliver the kind of music that I would write for him. Because it’s not his style. I think Portable is good o funny enough,” Spyro said.

He added, “It’s intentional when people do the kind of music that Portable does. It’s pretty much intentional. Someone walked up to me and said ‘You know, if you wanna make it you have to be at the extreme end. If you want to do good music, do it, let it be good. If you want to do whack music, let it be really whack. I think my writing style is different from his kind of music. And I think Portable can actually even do it. Trust me. I have listened to his songs that I am like Portable did this?”

Portable has responded to Spyro’s comments on Portable’s incapacity to provide the kind of music he makes for musicians. The street musician, renowned for his passionate and flamboyant performances, took offense to Spyro’s remarks and expressed his displeasure with the situation.

Portable didn’t hold back in his honest, pidgin English reaction, slamming Spyro for ignoring him, particularly given Spyro’s standing as a non-A-lister in the music business.

“Are you whining me Apara or Spyro or what do they call you? You never make am you dey form ajebo. How many shows you don go? Don’t let them push you against helper,” Portable said.

“Come, that’s why I don’t do too many interviews because I know they will ask too many questions. Make you no go dey loose-guard so as not to misyarn. When they are calling the industry, you’ll now be forming voice. You are now packaging. See this one o. You this guinea fowl or what are you called? Come and let’s give you chorus make you blow more. Shey you dey whine ni? Go and ask your oga.

“Make you blow and let everybody see that you have. Nobody can mime your song. I have had too much songs, I blow. Your song cannot be mimed because it’s just one. I can sing all patterns of songs. You are saying no one can sing your pattern. You that they still carry to shows.”

Both artists’ fans and following are anxious to see what happens next in this unexpected collision of musical tastes.

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