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Police Spokesman Says Iyanya Can Be Arrested For Shoving A Fan In Awka
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Police Spokesman Says Iyanya Can Be Arrested For Shoving A Fan In Awka 

The Nigerian singer Iyanya was caught on camera pushing a fan who was throwing money at him while he was on stage during a concert in the state of Anambra.

By Omotayo Olutekunbi

The video, uploaded on Twitter by @missprettyrebel, showed Iyanya singing his hit song ‘One Side’ in front of an enthusiastic audience in Awka. A fan stood close to the performer, sprinkling him with minted notes that he sprayed over his face. Iyanya looked to be angered by the fan’s actions, as he threw him off the platform before continuing to amuse the audience.

The money-spraying fan, according to Iyanya, was slapping him with the newly issued notes. He said that his attempts to stop the fan from engaging in what he characterized as rude conduct had failed, prompting him to force the fan off the platform.

“The guy kept slapping my face with the money and I tried to hold his hand and he continued. First, no matter how much you are spraying, don’t slap someone with it, that’s disrespectful.”

The fan who was pushed off the platform has the option of having Iyanya arrested if he chooses to make a formal case, according to DSP Bright Edafe, the spokesperson for the Delta State Police Command.

“Normally, if that guy makes an official report, @Iyanya can be arrested for this. I come in peace”

Iyanya’s behavior has subsequently divided opinions on Twitter, with some fans supporting him and others opposing him.

It remains to be seen if the fan who was spouting cash would make a formal complaint that results in the ‘Kukere’ singer’s detention.

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