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Nigerian Fashion Designers Selected  for Int’l Visitors Leadership Program

Nigerian Fashion Designers Selected for Int’l Visitors Leadership Program 

The International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), a top U.S. Department of State program for professional exchanges, has selected twenty mid-career Nigerian fashion designers for its inaugural program.

In this project, titled Promoting Economic Growth and Trade in the Fashion Industry, participants will be able to exchange professional and cultural knowledge on trends and business practices in the fashion industry as well as practical aspects of promoting African design in the United States.

Stephen Ibelli, Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Consulate in Lagos, explained that the IVLP project aims to promote economic growth and trade in the fashion industry by empowering local designers to thrive in Nigeria’s fashion industry as well as prepare for global markets.

Ibelli said, “With musical, cultural, sporting, and film links growing between Nigeria and the United States, our goal is to create a further dimension of connection between our nations through fashion,” noting the growing connections between Nigeria and the United States.

Our team is excited to provide fashion designers in Nigeria with this unique connection with their American counterparts. As part of our strategic outreach to Nigeria’s creative industry, we will strengthen economic ties through culture and fashion.”

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IVLP will run from August 9 to 28. Participation in the three-week program provides participants with valuable insights into designers, manufacturers, and consumers in the U.S. 

Additionally, participants will gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, business development, and innovation in the U.S. fashion industry.

IVLP’s purpose is to provide firsthand knowledge of U.S. society, culture, and politics while cultivating lasting professional relationships.

In addition to facilitating business, professional, and academic collaboration, the IVLP exposes current and emerging leaders directly to American systems and values.

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